Traveling to Australia - Is CBD legal there?


Looking for some information on using CBD or Cannabis in Australia. Is it legal there? I am using CBD regularly and would like to keep using it while there. I hate going without now that I have something that helps my arthritis. Thanks for the help. Jerry

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You should be right with cbd. And aslong as you can find someone to sell to you you’ll get bud. Where in aus are you heading?


What you need to be concerned is bringing it there. I would highly suggest not traveling international even with CBD. Most countries it’s a felony & smuggling. They lock you away forever. Inside the states I travel all the time with capsules and pens.

Check to see if it’s legal there and where to buy. I would highly suggest against trying to take it with you. :metal:


Sydney to visit relatives. Appreciate the input. Have to get a little sleep now as it will be a long day tomorrow.

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Yes, it is legal. But still i advise to read the guidelines before going to Australia with marijuana.


Do you know where can I find guidelines ? I have been unable to find it. Kinda computer illiterate (old timer!) I am only using CBD not actually Marijuana. Thanks for your answer. Jerry

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I really don’t know,people on methadone can go to other countries,so I would hope CBD is included


I am not sure on australia to another country or vice versa. but most clinics will dose in another state or rarely another country with doctors permission for methadone,( says google) , and if it is a short trip sometimes they give a take safe, time lock 7 day box. 1 a day. and as for the cbd it would still be classed as illegal here even if you had a note from the queen,they are arresting parents for giving their kids with 100 seizures a day. safe travelling mate. :slight_smile: