Travel to Mexico

Hello to any of my ‘ol pals who may see this!!

Flying from US to Mexico, would like to have my MM with me. Should I bring RSO and a vape pen and cart? Or can I find these in Yucatán/Cancun area?

How risky is this?

Recommendations on how to get these across the border?

Jail in Mexico is the last place you would ever want to be. I used to live in San Diego and cross the border a few times a year. An encounter with Mexican police is the last thing you want. They are very corrupt.


No idea but I wouldn’t get my rear in a crack down there trying to figure it out.

The border with Mexico is a dangerous place now, simply not the place to be crossing or vacationing in my opinion so be careful… Credit your local politicians who long ago sold out.

Good Luck!


Great article. Not worth it at all. Thanks bud!

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Mexican police would routinely pull over people with California license plates for some ridiculous reason like a lane change violation and impose fines on the spot.

It happened to me once. I paid the cop $100 and drove away.


Gimme US dollhairs, i remember those words very distinctly.


Hope you’re not heading anywhere near the war between the Sinaloa cartel and the military. Saw some vids of it online a few days ago. Cartel shooting.50 cal tracers at an airplane. If you take anything with you make sure you can access some extra cash to pay your way out of trouble.

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When i went to Mexico, I traveled clean but crappy weed was readily available in the Cozumel area. I wouldn’t risk ending up in jail there.


I wouldn’t go into Mexico for free! If you take anything accross the border( nothing personal but) your crazy.

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I used to drive down to Ensenada and Rosarito Beach for a couple of weeks every year to play golf. I stopped going in 2013 when violence was ramping up. No way in hell I would drive through Tijuana today.


Last year we flew to Texas with a vape cartridge and battery without issue. On the way home there were dogs sniffing each person and it was not the heart pounding experience. We are heading out to a non-recreational state soon and have decided to take a tolerance break. Best of luck to you. I would suggest paying the concierge when you get there.

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If I have to wear Kevlar and armor plates, I don’t consider it a vacation. Just me though. :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:

You ever go to Estero Beach? The little resort right there between Rosarito and Ensenada? Or La Bufadora?