Trash or pass? Tis the question

Hahahah could be either one of those at this rate :rofl::rofl:

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Definitely think big. Still have the invoice from attitude seeds. At least that’s what they say it was.


@Smashey805 aghhh I thought you meant FastBuds

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It is. I ordered all my fastbuds seeds from attitude since fastbuds don’t ship to USA.

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Hey guys got these 4 gorrila zkittlez on there first week . All started of fine but 1 seems to be growing strange looking leaves ? Has anyone come across something similar? Im thinking wether i should give it a chance or just replace to save time.

Ohhhh I get ya! I haven’t seen that strain on their list, could be a US one only maybe or an old one that attitude stilll has in stock

@Smashey805 they are lookin full! Nice!!! Looks like its gonna be a lotta cola smoke! @Sensamina Dont fret none…Thats what happens every once in a while, the leaves will tweak on some plants…but ignore it,she`ll be fine if you take the proper care!!

Shes still keepin up with the others so far, maybe it will surprise me in the end. Thanks for your opinion.

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Yeah I have a “Runt” ( Bubba Kush Auto) a week ago…Its still not @ the level of the others by far but in the last few days shes starting to grow more!!

@Sensamina im literally having one of mine be a runt too :rofl: chances of that! These two are same strain sprouted same day

I think your plants look like they are doing good, you think one of those is a runt, I have 5 Jack Herer in the back yard 1 is 2 1/2 feet tall 1 is 18 inches 2 at 2 feet and 1 is about 8 inches all in the same soil at the same time

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