Transplanting while flowering

Hello and good morning all.
I have a plant growing in a 5 gal bucket outdoors
Rain is pounding down and filling bucket.
Can it be transplanted from bucket to ground while flowering after rain stops?

You could drill several holes at the bottom of the bucket to allow the water to drain.

I transplanted one of my plants into a bigger pot last week. She was starting to flower. She is much happier with the extra space and is doing great.

If you have an autoflower I’d suggest the first option because they are more sensitive to transplanting.


If you do decide to transplant I would sacrifice the bucket by splitting the sides about 4 times and try not to disturb existing dirt and roots. Good luck


Thank you shindig153.
She actually sprouted in my driveway. Guess i dropped one. I put her in a pot from the ground. Then transferred to the bucket.
I will drill holes in bottom after storm stops.
Thank you very much

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Transplant will undoubtedly shock root system a little. I would avoid it if you can while flowering. You can try covering top of pot so water runs off, or move to an area sheltered from rain.

Like dude above me. Id skip the transplant. Unless her pot is like a gallon… doesnt seem huge. So pot SHOULD be big enough.

Yea ur early enough to transplant still with a rapidly closing window. But ANY tranplant will shock a bit. How big is the pot is the most important question