Transplanting to soil

Can I transplant my hydro plant into a soil mix? What do I do with the long roots?

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I dont think that is recommended. You will shock your plant a pretty good amount and I am unsure if it would survive. It would be hard to transplant into soil, imo.

@Donaldj might have some info for you but I’m not sure I’m 100% soil it may kill or stress it to a seed bank lets see what dj has to say

You can transplant to soil but it takes several weeks for plant to bounce back and best if plant isn’t too young


If plant is small young…should not be a problem.

But, if plant is 1.5 months old…not a good idea. Wanna do soil, plant more than you plan to keep. That way you can cull out the weak puny plants and concentrate on the big healthy ones that will make you smile…:grinning:

The very least I would do would be to take a clone or two and wait for the roots to develop and then put them into soil. If the clones don’t die on you put them into soil then try transplanting the plant from hydro into soil if you still want to try.

I did this. This Gold Leaf plant I vegged for awhile in DWC:

Then just after Mother’s Day I put it in the ground outside:

She wasn’t very happy at first:

But she bounced back after 3 or 4 days:

And here she is today:


Thanks for your feedback. I have just discovered I have root rot, so I’ll deal with that first!