Transplanting to larger pot 2 weeks in to flowering

I have a white Widow autoflower in a 5 gallon bucket that is about 10 days into flowering and the small white roots are starting to shoot out of the drain holes. Is it safe to move it to a bigger pot or just leave it

July 9, 2018

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I wouldn’t transplant, you’ll shock it and it’ll quit growing. Looks like you are gonna have a pretty good size plant. Is cut the bottom outta the bucket it’s in now and put inside another bucket


That’s exactly what I was thinking but wanted a second opinion. I have a larger pot that is shorter so I was gonna cut the bottom off and press it down into the larger one containing the same type of soil. Thanks a lot I appreciate the response


I think @Covertgrower gave you sound advice on your previous thread
Try and keep your questions under one thread especially concerning the same issue

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OK sounds good and will do

Absolutely not, especially with an auto, especially 2 weeks into bloom.

Thanks for the reply blackthumb. I decided to just cut the bottom off and press it down into another larger pot

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Don’t press too hard. You don’t want to disturb/damage those roots.

Sure thing