Transplanting to DWC

Ok here is the deal guys and girls. I am planning on running DWC my next go around and here is the delima. I am going to run a 5 buckets system with a res. I want to clone is there anyway that I can get around not having another 5 bucket set up that I would have to use for Veg? I grew aeroponics before and had a rail that I would veg in then just move them from that rail to the rail I used for flower as they stayed in the net pots. Was interested in anyway that I could stay away from having to set up a whole other system. I am worried by the time the ones in flower are finished that the ones in the cloner would be way to far into veg to stay in the cloner! What’s some thoughts, ideas, or have anyone have done with success?

Hey @pickles I grow in soil, and maybe @Donaldj can help better with the DWC.
Going forward is it possible to grow in some totes? I think that’s what donaldj does for his veg. You can fit about 6 per tote so 5 you should be good. Just cut a circular holes in the lid, and use the standard nets, with your medium. Then “transplant” the the flower area. This is the best I can do without first hand experience, only from what I’ve read and seen here. Hope this helps.


Thank you big time!! never thought of the tote that would work great. thanks again for a idea!


I am using 5 gallon storage boxes, that’s what they are really called lol. I drilled a 2 inch hole in the cover for a 2inch net pot also drilled holes on the side for the air pump. You could drill multiple holes if you wanted to. These buckets costed $3.50 each. I’m using this the whole way through. And FYI say hello to the ladybug lol @pickles @Covertgrower

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Next time offset your holes… :wink:

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I Didn’t Actually Drill That One It Came with a 4inch grow box, just used as an example. @peachfuzz

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Hey thanks that looks like it would work great! for sure going to make a set up like that. plant looks great best of luck with it!!

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Hey just a little update be careful with these buckets if you’re going to veg long. Two of my plants net pots fell inside the bucket and it’s created quite a headache for me. Also one of my plants can’t even stand up right and it’s still in veg. From now on I’m doing it this way.


No more cheap bins or totes for me. If you do it in them just be careful and switch to flower after 4 weeks. @pickles