Transplanting to a larger pot in Coco/Perlite mix

Want to transplant vanna from 1 gal pots to 3 gal but afraid the loose soil will damage the small roots. What’s the best way to do it? I initially just dropped the seedlings in a small hydro pot (slitted on sides and bottom) into a 1 gal pot and let the roots emerge from it into the new pot.

Got Pics? when it comes to transplanting you just gotta do it, my experience in coco which is limited it helps if the medium is moist maybe even wet but not soaked, place plant in new home use you hand to gently fill and settle new coco around plant until new container is full. Your coco must be buffered like all the rest! Good luck @Grandpateddy.

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A dose of Mykos in the media at transplant is always appreciated by the plant.

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Thanks for the advice. (Thought I sent this pic hours ago.