Transplanting size of pots

I’m in a 5x5x7 tent I have 1 Blueberry Fem and 2 White Widow Fems did seedlings in solo cup transplanted into 3g fabric pots. I’m vegging under two 400w metal halides and I’ll be using 1000w HPS for flower. My question is, should I transplant again into larger pots just before flower or are 3g pots enough for the size of my tent? I have 7gallon fabric pots to transplant to if need be

Depends how big you want them to get, if you want them to get big you need bigger pots. Bigger roots equals bigger plants.

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Yeah I get that, I’m just not sure if I would be wasting soil going to 7gallon from 3gallon since I’m confined to a 5x5x7 tent

But…I want my tent filled lol so I’m at odds on what to do

I got 3 autos so they don’t get as big as a photo, but I have two in 5 gallons and one in a 3 gallon because I got contradicting advice. The fives are about a third taller but the three is much thicker so I’m not sure. I do already have my next batch started and went all 3 gallon. I got a 3 stage system just set up so gonna try all 3 then all 5.

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Nice! I’m finishing up some Amnesia Haze Autos I have 3 in my garden outside and I’m growing blueberry and ww Fems in my tent. I’m done with autos!!! You can check my journals, I can growem lol they look great smell great really sticky but the potency just isn’t enough for me so back to photos

Right I went auto because when I started I completely stopped buying bud of the street because I live in an non progressive state. Didn’t want get to get caught buying just to get caught with a grow room. So wanted to run a bunch of autos quick to get me by when I switch to like 8 month photo grows.

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Btw I have used only 5g fabric pots for my indoor autos and have great success but…I’ve never tried any other size lol

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Yeah I will probably use autos as in-between harvest smoke lol it beats buying it

So like I said I got a seedling box.

Veg tent

Flower tent

Hoping you get all 3 going 4 to 5 weeks apart and harvest every 5 to 6 weeks.

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That seedling box is genius!!! Stoner ingenuity :grin:

Well I saw this and was like thats cheap, easy and you can fold it up and put it away until you need it.

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Question are those ilgm autos? I have an ilgm ak47 auto that I believe is about to flower is there a reason you took all the fan leaves off? Just trying to learn from other growers

Yes for me personally I had started with a hid light but they put off a lot of heat during a heat spike I woke up to this.

So I didn’t do much except remove dead leaves I was unaware in high heat the plants draw more water but also a toxic amount of nutrients with that water. So kinda scorched them. @WeedGrower47

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