Transplanting seedlings from Coco to perlite

Hey guys I used to grow a lot and have learnt from many mistakes. Trying to avoid this. I’ve started seeds in jiffy type plugs and put them in throw away cups into Coco when roots broke through. I’m getting close to chucking them in a full perlite recycle system. Don’t want any root rot problems by leaving the added Coco attached due to the perlite feed schedule. Just realised/ remembered I had a dedicated mother back in the day and always went from clone. Similar start with Rockwool into Coco then into perlite. I’d carefully cup the root ball and dip it into a pH balanced bucket of water to get most the Coco off. Plants always boomed. Trying to figure out the best approach for seedlings? Any experience, ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers

Forgot to add, I done this for clones to take out the need to water more frequently while the were in a clone box