Transplanting Seedling

Good morning all. Hope I can get some suggestions on the transplanting of a seedling.

what is the suggestion on transplanting in a bigger pot. I use fabric pots to.


As big as possible as soon as possible

@bbdeb1958 You could Let the soil dry a bit before you do the deed.
It will help keep them together and less transplant shock from soil falling apart.

What size should I go. I don’t think it needs to go to the final pot.

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Photo or auto ?
How big is your grow space ?
What light do you have ?
All play a role in determining final pot size.

Photo, grow space is 2x4 have 300 watt led. This is the first for starting at seed. I did girl scout cookie clone first time.


With a 5 or 7 gal pot you could maximize your space but you may / would need more light to fully flower depending on which model you have.
Higher end led’s only need 35 or so watts /sq ft.
Older tech hid lighting is about 50 w / sq ft.
But heat and consumption are major factors with those.
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Welcome to the wonderful world of growing btw. And ILGM.


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