Transplanting question

Hi Guys

Just need to know if its okay 2 remove a plant once its been transplanted into a bigger pot?

Done the initial transplant 2 days ago but didn’t loosen the root ball (AT ALL) and I’m noticing very small new growth starting out extremely slowly compared to before and just kinda staying small.

What I want to do is remove the plant again, loosen up the roots a bit, then replant in the same 5-gal bucket. The other option is to leave it and hope the roots start spreading out into the new soil, but the roots were packed so not sure if that’s going to happen.

I replanted twice. Once from the original cup, to a 2-gal pot. I wanted to go bigger because it outgrew that real quick, so I moved it into a 5-gal bucket. No harm to the plant. GL!

Sure can, not recommended but I would mix root shock and hydrogen proxide in gal of water and soak the hole when done covering with your soil sosk again. This will help the plant from going into shock.
I hope this helps.


Same here transplanted and forgot I will give Will advice a try did it once before and it worked ok

It’s always worked for me. When I used it my plants never showed any signs of shock.

Be safe

Thanks for the replys.

Did the “re-transplant” yesterday so will check in 2-ish days how it goes.

Growing in peatmoss/vermiculite/perlite mix and noticed that the plants look a bit lacking in nutes since the initial transplant on Saturday morning. Fed some Biobizz last night @2ml per liter and watered each pot with only 1 liter,(kinda just watered around the edge of the rootball), so will see what happens.

About transplanting; I had a solo cup with a seedling about 2 inches high. I had dropped it 3 times over a 5 day period. All I had was a 2 inch plant with 2 little leaves and a 4 inch tap root. I thought all was lost. I planted this fragile little seedling in a 3 gallon pot and flooded it with 4 -65k CFLs. After 3 days it caught. What im saying is that some plants are very resiliant. It is now ready to harvest.

You can do that. I like the idea of scarring up the outer roots. Just do not break the tap root.

You do not need to make any kind of solution either. Just transplant again, and make sure to water the plant in totally. One trick I have done in the past; After putting enough soil in the new pot to hold the p[ant at the height you need; I sprinkle a little rooting power, on the new soil, then place my plant and back fill.

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So, after a few days, the LSD plant is getting more and more light green by the day and also looks like slight brown spots starting on the leaves with the lower leaves being affected most but the new growth also lightening up as well.

I’ll post some pics tomorrow, hope I can save her.