Transplanting plants

What’s the best root stimulator to use when transplanting? Also 3g vs 5g pots

I’ve always used mykos for transplanting.


Personally I like the 5 gallon over the 3-gallon.

As far as pot size, I go with larger ones (I use 10 gallon pots myself).
Choosing pot size is dependant upon how much space you have, how many plants you want to grow in that space and how large you want each plant to grow.

I have never had a cannabis plant show any signs of shock after transplanting and I don’t use any stimulants or additives when transplanting. I go from solo cups to 1 gallon to 10 gallon. I use the original pot as a “form” which I loosely pack soil around to make a hole in the new pot which is exactly the size of the original. I then just pop the plant out of the smaller pot and drop it into the newly formed hole. The last step is to water thoroughly focusing on watering the new soil rather than the soil that came with the root ball.

One other thing, I wait until the plant is ready for water before transplanting, this helps the root ball hold together while making the move.

I use mykos on transplanting.

I also wait for soil to dry, use Mykos, and rarely have any issues.

I start in plastic cups, move to plastic 1 gal, then into their final fabric pot home. I advise against using fabric pots except in the final home. The roots can grow and attach themselves to the fabric. Transplanting will pull and damage them. With plastic they slip right out.

@Drinkslinger I would like to transplant when the soil is dry also. Every time I try this method the soil falls away from the roots. I don’t like it when that happens.

It’s better than having roots rip because the soil is wet and heavy. Be gentle. They can handle a little abuse.

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Is foxfarm kangaroots good when transplanting