Transplanting Old Mother for Outdoor Grow?

So, a good friend of mine gave me an old mother from a large grow-op nearby. He had 4 total, three of them over 6’, so I took the runt as my grow space is not that large. The plant is a Lemon Haze God Plant cross. My plan is to transplant it into the ground in a large hole up to the first branches. This will hopefully cause the stalk to root as well as cut down on the height of the plant, which is just over 4’. Hoping for any advice I can get as I’ve never transplanted a plant this large, nor have I dealt with mother plants. Should I use rooting compound on the stalk that I bury? If so, what kind? Should I plant the plant at an angle similar to the way tomatoes are transplanted? Any other tips, tricks, or advice is appreciated. Thank you!

Personally I wouldn’t risk transplanting it now. Good chance it may die. You can always Scrog it. :+1:

Man, it is already so stringy and lopsided, not sure how I can repot it and balance it out. In the ground is my only option, so I’m gonna take my chances.

Well there is plenty of ways to stabilize the plant. Not my plant so no skin off my grow. Plus it was free so no loss that way either. :joy::joy::joy:

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Your plan sounds good to me.
When I remove a plant that size from a pot, I roll the edges of a cloth pot down all around the top. Then rest it on a bucket or log with a slightly smaller diameter than the base of the pot and just roll it off. Your root ball should come out relatively unscathed. (Honestly I am usually just recovering the pot and tossing the plant when I do this, but the root balls always come out fine with less mess).
Then just follow through with the rest of your plan. Put in some decent soil in the hole that will give good drainage.

I’m pretty sure this can be done without too much trauma to the plant.

Plan B- Just cut off the pot.
Plan C- clone the crap out of it!

Think I’ll try the roll down method you mentioned, thanks.

I was going to say cut the fabric pot off. They are so cheap to replace. I would still keep it on the pot. If you plant it and all of a sudden you get 7 days worth of rain like we have…the plant and or plants are fubar if you can’t move them. But I live 22 miles from the Gulf and we have had winds in excess of 60 mph recently. Neighbor tree is going to take the power out if one of these storm fronts we have finishes knocking it over.

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Alright, dug a 2+ foot hole in the ground. She now sits at 42". Scuffed up the stock and covered it in Clonex. Mixed up some soil and gently buried the girl. Keep your fingers crossed. Gonna wait a week and let her acclimate, then gonna butcher much of the lower branches. The top is absolutely beautiful! Already shaped into at least 8 great tops! And, being a mother from a grow op, these 8 tops already have multiple secondary tops that were set to be clones. Gonna spread the top down like umbrella spokes and watch how quickly she turns into literally dozens of possibilities! I’ll update throughout the summer.

PS, rolling the smart pot down while plant is on bucket is perfect method!

Clonex’d stalk

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She’s coming along people! Any suggestions on how to cage it? Should I use a cylindrical cage using fencing, or should I use some sort of scrog net? All help appreciated!

June 6th

June 19th

She’s still working! Not exactly as fast as I’d like, but healthy. So I’ve realized some things since I put her in the ground. First, I should not have completely buried the root ball. I should have left some room in the hole that would allow me to feed her sooner. Since the root ball is buried 2 1/2’ or so in the ground, she needs nitrogen long before she actually needs water. However, my plan to attempt to get the one foot or so of stalk that I buried to root has worked!!! Dug down a couple inches yesterday when we defoliated her and sure enough, there is some nice rooting goin on! Hopefully this should cause a burst of growth.

This is July 15th

This is July 19th, after like 12 days without needing water!

My buddy who partners with some grow ops came over and said we should defoliate her a little bit. So we gave her a massive haircut and used some bamboo stakes to spread her apart a little bit. Keep your fingers crossed!