Transplanting my ak47 soon

I have feminized ak47 seedlings that will be 30 days old this Friday (1/15). Right now I have them in some recycled 1 quart Dannon Yogurt tubs under CFL’s… They have just sprouted what I believe are their 4th nodes. Is it time to transplant them into the larger containers?

Not for sure how tall big are they do you suspect they are root bound? You want your plant to fill most of the container with roots before moving to a larger container this allows you to feed and water more often since media dries faster


No way they are root bound. Still plenty of room for more roots. Should I leave them alone?

Here are some pics of my AK47. This is at 27 days.

Looks like a hungry but healthy girl still lots of room to grow in that pot she’s ready to be fed though

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You mean starting to supplement with nutrients?

I just received this stuff. I read some articles, and it was alot to ingest for this noob, so I purchased these, hoping it is going to cover all my bases…

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came with instructions right? should start it at low dose 1/4-1/3 haven’t used ILGM boosters yet may have to give a shout out to Latewood Macg for instructions unless a feeding schedule came with it?

Thats what Im searching for now. I understood this was to include a complete feeding schedule all spelled out, but it did not… at all… hmmmm…

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@garrigan62 do you have feed schedule for ILGM boosters?

@MacGyverStoner @latewood Hi guys can either of you post a chart for ILGM boosters please when you get a chance

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Thanks Bud. I just messaged them, also. Oh dang. They’ve posted it already! You guys are awesome!! Thank you.

thanx mac just found it too lmao

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Thanks MacG…

still keep in mind your first feeds should be lighter than recommended 1/2 would be my start point for first feed then follow a water, water, feed routine if you see any signs of stress or slower growth if not next feed up dose :slight_smile:

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I am on so many posts can’t keep track where what is half the time lmao but knew I had been involved on the post

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I believe the schedule is pretty much assuming in hydro or a soil-less media, so, yeah, these numbers are assuming you don’t already have anything in the soil.

Often, the less is more approach is a good idea, and watch how the plants respond and slowly up the dose.


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Start with 2.5 ml to a gallon and used within 48 hours , if a gallon is to much water than used the same as for a half of gallon 2.5 ml for 2 weeks , than .5 ml for 2 weeks , than after .5 ml you can go from .5 ml to a full 1 ml and how I measured that is with a little cup that comes with over the counter cough syrup , I think it was delsum if I’m not mistaken , but if you want to see the results of Roberts nutrients used in a Lucas formula with advance additives , I put up photos in my thread "first time growing auto’s amnesia and blueberry " , hope this helps and I am a firm believer in ILGM nutrients , they simply works , and the smoke after its cured for at least 4-6 weeks after drying is top shelf quality smoke , you definitely can get your money worth out the nuggets you gone grow . But while I’m here briefly , I explained how to give the grow nutrients in veg , but when you get to flower , make sure you continue your grow nutrients 1 ml of grow and add 2.5 ml of bud in transition each feed , example 1 ml grow - 2 .5 ml of bud , water , water , next feed 7.5 ml of grow - .5 ml of bud , water , water , next feed .5 ml grow - 7.5 ml of bud , water , water , next feed which should be in week 5 to 6 in flower , you give 2.5 ml of grow - 1 ml of bud , than after this feed you water , water , as normal than next feed you give 1 ml of bud and .5 ml of THC mass and the last feed should be 1 ml of bud & 1 ml of THC mass , hope this makes some kind of sense !!!

The feeding schedule should be a link in your confirmation e-mail from ILOVEGROWINGMARIJUANA to a pdf file download.