Transplanting Late in the season

I posted something about pots vs in the ground, and not sure if i was gonna get a answer, so im making a new question. I really was asking what people thought since I was having a hard time with growing in the ground,
Here is the question.
My plants are about 3ft tall, I still have about 2 months of grow left, normally end of Aug start of sept they start to flower. So they are ready to harvest in oct.
Is it too late to transplant my plants from in the ground to pots? give them a better chance to grow? since the soil even tho i added to the soil in the ground is not good.

Soooo… hard time growing in ground. Bad soil. Short time left. And you WANT to unpot? I mean u have the time. 1.5-2 months is plenty good. But im not sure if going into ground that you know doesnt grow well will help…

Take my answer with a grain of salt just figured better then no answer

No. I want to pull some plants out of the ground and pot them up. Leaving them outside to grow n finish.
Since in the ground seems to not be doing well

Ooooooo. THAT is dangerous. How long have they been down?

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You’re gonna have to dig around the root ball

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If they are rootbound by the clay like I said in your other post you should be able to run a thin piece of metal or hard plastic around the edge of the hole and gently lift the plant out of the hole. I would prefer to leave them where they are for now and try the addition of some lime to break up the clay. Use this as an experiment this season and make some larger holes with better drainage for next year.