Transplanting help!

Hey folks!

I’ve got a couple of plants I’m planning to put into the ground asap.

I’ve been biding my time to wait until they are big enough. I’ve read that they need to have at least 5 nodes before they can be in the ground - is that right?

I’m not sure how healthy they’re looking either. One has droopy leaves and the other has had two fan leaves dry out to a crisp. White pistols have started shooting on the bigger one too.

Do you recommend putting these in the ground as they are or waiting? Or shall I put them in bigger pots before putting them in the ground? They are in very small pots so not sure if they will get any bigger.

Any tips are much appreciated!

Happy smoking



They are stretching for light. Are they outside all day? Put them in bigger pots, and bury them up to the cotes.


Plants are likely pot-bound and need transplanting. They also could use more light than they’ve been getting so my vote is: into the ground! If prepping soil stay away from soils not optimized for cannabis. If nothing else get one optimized for tomatoes. Products like Miracle Gro are a no-no.


Or straight in the ground too! I grow outside just not in ground. But @Myfriendis410 deeeeeefinitely has the experience


My outside has all MJ Bag soil (in planter bag or mixed in some ground, can’t dig much).
Bag sits on ground soil.

In ground

in ground

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Back in the guerilla days we prepped the hole and dropped seeds straight into it!
Of course those were the bag seed days long before seed banks were a thing - or they were just starting in Holland at least. All cash and took months to get the seeds and we were broke kids! So that was out of the question!
We’d drop 8-10 seeds in the hole kinda spaced out a little and after a few weeks pull whatever was smaller than the biggest! It was still a crap-shoot as far as sex went though.
Feminized seeds hadn’t even been invented yet! LOL!

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