Transplanting from solo cup to smart pots


when should I transplant into 5 gallon smart pots. they are almost 2 and a half weeks old and are bigger around then the cup.


I think I would transplant pretty soon my friend


I agree, you should get them transplanted asap. Those cups aren’t even filled so they are for sure ready.


Yesterday. lol


does the soil that’s in the solo cup need to be dry or damp


when I transplant to bigger pots


A little damp will help hold the root ball together while you transplant.

Also, the top plant in the pic looks over watered. Droopy and puffy.


ok I was going to ask about that. I didn’t water yesterday so the soil on top was super dry and I feel like I might have messed up cuz I watered today but I’m going to transplant right now. will me transplanting while it’s like that be? will it bounce back u think


oh yeah it can definitely bounce back. Just get that little watering issue switched around and you’ll be fine. When you put it in you might need to give it a day for the soil to dry out a little but then you could give it a light watering. But overall I don’t think it’s a ton to worry about since you’re fixing it now. Better to catch it early than late.


@bgnrww…Here’s another angle on the solo cup. I use them as a form to make pots out of newspaper. A little flimsy but I’ve never had one fail. They act a lot like smart pots in that they air prune. When transplant day arrives, I’ll use a solo to make a negative impression in my 3 gallon or whatever size cloth pot of media and just slip the paper pot into the hole. Once surrounded by moist media, the roots blast right through the paper in a day or two and never look back. Very low stress…Plant doesn’t even know it’s been transplanted.


this is what I have accomplished. transplant done. my next question is would I water now or just wait a day for things to bounce back


I feel like 800w COB isn’t as bright as the 300w rolaedro.


@bgnrww. What kind of cob is it?


Normally you do water when transplanting. I’d just use s light hand since you may be slightly over wateted.


hydropics 800w COB


Looking good @bgnrww welcome to the forum
You want to water them in I usually water frim the edges and allow soil to aoak it towards center so water them in slowly it see youve been getting good help from the other members :+1: