Transplanting from Soil to Rockwool?

Good morning everybody!

A friend of mine has a clone of his Gorilla Zkittles plant for me, but he clones his plants in soil and I grow hydroponically in Rockwool. Have any of you transplanted from soil to hydro before? I would love your advice before I do anything to mess it up.

I’d really appreciate your advice! :slight_smile:

You may be able to. But you will have to use neoprene collars.
Depends on the root growth also. Might be able to clean soil off and hold in net pot and fill with hydroton.

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I know one thing for sure, get all the soil off before going to hydro. You do not want any soil in your reservoir.


So far so good! I took off as much soil as humanly possible without tearing the roots before wrapping the bottom of the stem in a small rockwool cube before inserting it into the 6" block. I also made the hole a bit deeper to allow a bit of room for how large the roots were. It’s been 24hrs so far and she still looks healthy and “peppy,” so, finger’s crossed! :slight_smile: