Transplanting from dirt to soil?

A friend of mine gave me these 2 plants that he’d given up on due to them flowering at around ft tall. Anyways i started a reveg in hopes that that start over. I succeeded. Was shocked. Exept now the smaller of the 2 is barely doing anything. Its reveg, just nogroth. Now found out that he mixed dirt with some sand and potting mix. They need to be transplanted. What can i do? Someone PLEASE give me some good advise.

Pics? Are you setting ph and feeding?

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Man im not the richist person so what im doing is just watering them every couple days and looking on the internet for home furtilizers. Found one thats worked great so for. I have a grow tent. (awesome) and using just normal house bulbs. Im concerned about being able to transplant them to staight soil. Any advice. O yea the first two are them 1 mth ago. The small one hasnt grow for shit, but has reveged. The taller one is my mricle one was about to die until i saw a homemade furtilizer. And the next day. She was a smiling

They kinda require pretty specific care in terms of feeding and ph of water. Difficult to help without that info.

If you plan on transplant, make sure they have gone back into veg, then move them to a larger pot with an amended soil. Avoid soils with time release nutrients if you can.