Transplanting first time

I transplanted last night and interrupted some roots is my girls going to be ok

They should be fine depending on how severely you “interrupted” the roots. Many folks use the container that they are transplanting from as a mold to form a hole that exactly fits the root ball and then drop the plant into the hole.

This works best if the plants are close to being root bound and are not too moist at the time of transplant. I have had a couple where the conditions were not exactly right for transplanting and the root ball fell apart in my hand. Those plants were fine and did not miss a beat. It seemed to bother me more than it bothered the plants.

I always give a thorough watering after transplant.


My girl in the bottom left had some minor root damage during transplant. Her growing slowed for a few days so she’s small, but she pulled through just fine :blush:


I just did mine last night and I disturbed the roots on one also. Checked her today and she is looking happy and healthy. I would be too concerned.

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my leaves have yellow spots what could that be from

It depends picture please

I wouldn’t worry to much that early unless you see more pop up I get the odd blemish like that here and there as long as you’re properly phing you’re water I’d just write it off for now