Transplanting during flowering

Has anyone tried or was successful transplanting during flowering?

Yes, just be gentle you’ll do great.

I just did it now. because I wanted to get away from the plastic pot. Didn’t feel that it was draining properly. This is our first grow and flowering has another few weeks to go before harvest. Don’t want to lose this one. Flowering is looking great. Thanks for your quick reply!

So its not taboo or ultra risky I take it? Im in week 4 fliwer, and feel i really need to go bigger, and to fabric. Doing it today with the proper green light from yall!! Photo not auto as well.

Done carefully it’s fine.

Done deal. Went smooth as butter. She happy! One thing, minimal dirt got stuck to bud sights during removal. Big deal?? Brushed and blew most off. They sticky sights so not ALL was removed.![0508211630|690x318] (upload://7zFo2ehS8zQMMF4NO5KNwIpLjNe.jpeg) next time I will get as much loose dirt off top before turning over!

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