Transplanting during flower to a different medium?

I was given 3 plants in 3 gallon bags, unknown soil and nutrients. These girls are ILGM Banana Kush photos and are in flower, look to be maybe 1-2 weeks post transition. They have never been topped or pruned and were about 3’ tall. I cleaned them up a bit and bent them over to fit under my light temporarily. I don’t know enough about growing in soil to fool with them to harvest so I’m hoping to find them a new home in a day or two.

If I can’t find anyone to adopt them, would it be possible to transplant them from soil into coco without any major issues? In veg I could just wash the dirt away and repot in coco and go, not sure about the root damage I’d cause removing them from a cloth bag and washing them while in flower. I don’t want to over stress the things and end up with pollen all over the place or a bunch of slow finishing popcorn buds.

Any suggestions? Unfortunately putting them outside is not an option. And while I really don’t need them in my tent at this time and stage of growth I’d prefer to avoid the compost bin with plants that have the potential to produce well.

Once flowered, do not transplant. Better off just finishing it out as it is now.

Plants go through transplant shock and sometimes they survive and sometimes not.

Always transfer before flowering.


Yes, that is what I thought. Vacation in a few days and they’d be on their own for 2 weeks so looks like rehoming or compost bin. Could run them on autopilot if I could get them in coco but I’d prefer to shut everything down while away so just as well.

Thanks for the input.

If it’s either compost pile or attempt at transplant, I’d give it a shot. I mean what do you have to lose?

Ideally, yeah it would be an awful idea to transplant this late in the game, but if there’s even a chance that they will survive, that’s better odds than the compost pile

Just my 2 cent

I didn’t see this before, so I see now why you might not want to mess with it

Yeah, I think I’m gonna let them go. Two week camping trip coming soon and Ol lady done said if I have to leave campground to check on plants I could just stay home with my “wives.”


Sounds like my wife