Transplanting clones / seedlings

I transplanted a clone form a 1 gal to a 7 gal when I did the soil broke off in the middle and might have lost some of the roots will she be OK @Willd

Magic 8 Ball says all indications are pointing to YES!
She’ll be fine.
Transplanting tip is to make sure they’re on the dry side before removing from the smaller pot. I squeeze the sides all around and push up real hard on the bottom, grab it by the base of the stem and then tip the whole thing upside down to separate the pot.
the bottom of this post has a time lapse video of me transplanting from 4" to 1 gal


I am growing in a Greenhouse with no grow lights what should my Humidity be. It’s at 95% right now trying to do every thing off the grid
Trying to do photos of my set up

Moving on up! Looks good

Pics would be good. Make sure you have adequate ventilation. Greenhouses are way hotter than outdoors. I’m pretty sure that during veg, the more humid the better. It’s only after they start flowering that the drier conditions are favored. Something about hormone production. Idk if you have end wall doors, rolll up sides, top vent or all the above.

Without a fan or a persistent prevailing wind it may become too oppressive for them before you get them outside and in the ground.

Just found some other humidity control strategies here Humidity Control Equipment for Greenhouses | Home Guides | SF Gate Unfortunately, most of them are relying on power or fuel of some sort.


Can’t rotate them

What to do about a broken leaf

I transplant my clone from a Solo Cup to a 10 gallon pot is that going to be ok @Willd

Hi Wolfman.
It couldn’t hurt. More roots=more fruits in theory!

My clones are pre flowering in 5 gallon pots can I still transplant them in to bigger pot @bob31

I wouldn’t recommend it but why are you thinking transplant? @Wolfmankush

But how much preflowers are we talking? Couple days, a week, two weeks?

Maybe a pic of one?

The 5/26 when started to flower @bob31

I am guessing this is form over watering @bob31

Over or under watering. The symptoms look the same. Only you know which it is, lol.

So you’re about a week into flowering. Are these auto or photo?

I couldn’t see any buds in that pic
Did you go 12/12 on may 26?

Photo and they are out doors @bob31

So can I retransplant the one that’s having the water issue @bob31