Transplanting auto flowers

So I have not had much luck growing autos outside this last season . Anytime I started them outside or even transplanted via pelt They would always start flowering way too early and never amounted to much more then a couple of grams .

This season I was going to try something different and what most ppl would call silly but I have done it to feminized plants with success.

So the rule of thumb is don’t transplant autos , they don’t have enough time to bounce back since they are in vegg and plus they are prone to shock and what not , well I’m thinking about growing them inside with my other girls until they are about 4 weeks into flower and THEN transplant them outside to finish .

I am worried about bud rot because my light makes some very dense buds . Just curious if anyone else has tried such a thing with success with autos ?

I’m new to this & I didn’t know lighting could cause bud rot, just wondering what light you use & how far away do you keep it? Storing all info I can for future grows (if I can remember it!)

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The light does not create bud rot, it just produces dense nugs and Without proper ventilation/air flow bud will be prone especially outside in the humid environment. I use a TMLAPY cob led setup . Good results so far .

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I have yet to come across someone who uses my same light . It’s 2500 watt but is actually pushing out around 500 watts which is great for my 2x4x6