Transplanting and topping

Good morning y’all! I’m looking for some guidance on transplanting and potentially topping some plants here soon. I wanna go to 5lb fabric planters for final home, I’m using fox farm happy frog now, is now the time to transplant into the ocean forest? Plants seem to be taking off . My sp3000 is at 20 inches and 35% around 400ppfd increasing the intensity a little bit each day. Also when should I start feeding the roots organic grow terp tea? They have been in these gallon pots for about 3 weeks. What’s a good setup for the fabric pots and drainage and not sitting in excess water. I’m growing in a 2x4 closet and was thinking a plastic tub to sit them in on blocks or something to raise them… @ChittyChittyBangin @1HappyPappy


I would wait till the 4th node appears then top right above the 3rd node. I just use saucers under my fabric pots.


The gorilla glue is opening its 5th node now, the first set of 5 pointer leaves… nodes are the sets of 2 branches correct? Is it ok to wait longer to top?


@Shaggy1987 thats completely up to you growbro.


Ladys look happy , Plants are at the stage now they’re getting ready to take off. If you chose to up pot now would be a good time to move forward. I transplant my seedlings one time into final home . Good luck :v:


What would be the better thing to do,… top before transplant or after transplant? Does it matter?

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I would top after transplant Let your plants get a little bigger. If they are photos I’ll wait 7 or 8 nodes Creates a large bush. Autos you need to top Before they start to flower if you choose. (About 5 nodes)

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Topping is just preference as far as at what node or what size really, as long as it’s before flower obviously.

I sometimes top and transplant at same time if a smooth transplant that doesn’t really disturb the root zone then I wouldn’t be afraid to top at same time. This is with autos, if photos then it doesn’t matter to me. It want die, it may just slow down a little while.

But i don’t worry to much about finishing by any set time frame so it’s np for me…

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I transplanted on Monday to 5 gallon, and 1 7 gallon fabric bags ( all store had) and topped the gorilla glue on Thursday evening. Did I top it right? I’m also wanting to try lst but I’m unsure if I’m ready for that and which branches to pin down if so. @ChittyChittyBangin @kellydans @1HappyPappy


You did good! Now wait for the two branches to grow out from where you topped. The lower stuff wiill grow out also. When the two branches start to grow out, tie them down to equal out to the rest of the canopy.


There’s really no right or wrong way to LST.
It’s just all about spreading tjem out and trying to keep tops of branches even.

I’ve got 4 clones in here and all are sorta trained differently.

This one I just leaned it over and tied it down amd all the branches naturally grow upwards on there own. I did top it also where im pointing.
But you can see how the main stalk is basically running sideways.
Bend and tie, plant grows a few inches, move tie over to hold the new part down and just repat this untill your blant is as long as you want it.
This is one of the most simple techniques that works very well.

This one is more like what @ChittyChittyBangin was talking about. Just topped and pull the top 2 diwn once they start shooting up.

These last two and basically like the others, 1 is topped and daily I tuck any tall branches diwn under whatever lower branches are around it, it will spring back up but with daily adjustments, you can get a pretty even canopy without any ties.

The last onevis topped and daily bent over without any ties. Its smaller because it was started a couple weeks later then the others.

Hope that’s helpful :relieved:


Good job , you can be creative an spread limbs out for better light penetration and air flow. Also helps with a even canopy.
Happy growing :v:

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Thank you everyone! I’m going to try some light lst here soon. I think they need a little more growth to start opening them up more. I’m reading that fox farm ocean forest soil doesn’t need any nutrients for at least 30 days. Does that go for plants in 2nd week of veg? I transplanted from happy frog to ocean forest 8 days ago. @ChittyChittyBangin @kellydans @1HappyPappy can anyone elaborate?


Thanks for the tag , plants will be good in The ocean forest soil for at least a month before you need to feed.
Happy growing


So while this is generally true, and in some situations depending on plant size and container size, you could get more then 30days or less then 30days.

Lets say you got a smaller sized plant in a 7-10gal pot with ocean forest.
That could be good for more then 30days.

But lets say you got a large plant in a 3gal pot, that would last substantially less time then the smaller plant in biger pot.

Same kinda goes with transplants.

It’s really depending on how much fresh soil was actually introduced.
For example, if you transplant into a pot the same size it came from and it has a nice big root ball full of the original soil, then it could be that say only half the new container is fresh soil with the other half the original depleted soil.

If you transplant to a bigger container then it would logically get mote fresh soil and last longer…

Think of it as “fresh soil” = “battery life”, the more fresh soil, the more charge it holds if that makes sense…

So imho 30days is a good estimate, but it really could by more or less time. Runoff tds numbers or plant observation can tell you more accurately when to start feeding :+1: