Transplanting and LST

ILGM Blueberry Auto that’s 4 weeks in to veg. Currently in a 1 gal container, don’t know when or if she needs to go in to a 3 gal container? 2nd question about LST, am I too late on trying to bend the main stem over? ist grow tent is only 3ft hight and im getting too close to the LED’s. Need major help on both questions PLEASE!!!

Definitely needs a transplant and if your gonna bend her be gentle

W/O LST, how tall are these ILGM Blueberry Autos suppose to get indoors? Will a 3 gal container be enough to carry me the rest of the way?

I don’t know autos and I have no clue about that strain

This is my 1st grow ever. If I would have applied myself in high school like I have learning to grow this, I may have received straight A’s, lol

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You are probably almost in flower should have transplanted 3-4 nodes ago. Really should have planted straight into 3 gal

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Definitely getting ready to flower!!

I wouldn’t transplant IMO that’s just me!!

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It’s an auto so you should have planted in its final resting place. Transplanting will stunt it and your to close to flower I woild suggest not transplanting, to late.
It’s going to start flowering very soon.

I would say leave it in the container, don’t low stress train as your far along and autos are picky.
Just let it grow and feed it nutrients, check the soil daily. Next grow start in a 3 or 5gallon final container.

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No chance for LST? My grow tent is only 36" tall and its very close to the LED’s. two days short of 5 week veg. Could I bend just the main stem towards the top to give me some distance from light?

Your issue is your space, you need a larger space to grow…

You can fire away and do it but it’s not ideal, like your space…

I LST my autos as long as your not in flower they should be fine I also FIM and top when they have about 4nodes.

Not in flower yet. In process of swapping out this grow tent by CoolGrows I bought. 2x2x3H is just too short. Great brand but 32x32x63H seems more appropriate. Do you know about the brand iPower?

No I don’t have a ton of knowledge about everything yet still on my first grow!! Sorry can’t help more but I definitely know you can LST autos!! Lots of people do!!

My first grow but im at 5 weeks, that was the concern about LST them. Needed more height in the tent.

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You can pull the top twords the side of the tent and down some without any issues but be very gentle because breaking her will cause you to loose some yeald and you will already be loosing some due to the small pot

Shes in a 3gal pot now. Thanx for ur response