Transplanting after starting flower cycle

I started using QB light source and have my plants in 3 gal containers. Yet due to new light source I can see an exponential growth in the roots. My ? is can you transplant from 3 to 5 gal containers while flowering. I just started my 3rd week of flower. All suggestions are welcome. Thank you in advance…:thinking::v::pray:

@smellthat since you’re in the 3rd week of flower I recommend that you just leave them in the container they’re in. I don’t think you’d gain much in the transplant.
If you really want to you still could. I doubt anything would die. But they would likely go through a bit of transplant shock during flowering.


I agree with @Covertgrower I have the same problem just gonna wait it out on this grow and start bigger next time!!


I agree with @Covertgrower. Just finish up and use a bigger pot next time. You could compensate by feeding more to push the size but watch out for tip burn. 1300-1400PPM Max


OK I am using LST at the moment and have 2 wonderful bushing NL’s, I see roots on top of dirt by stem base and thought I may be getting Root bound ! Live and learn or vice versa. Thank you @Covertgrower, @Jarnkat, @WickedAle for the input and experience. I currently use rain water Ph’d to 6.5 and Big bloom with alternating Bergmans flowertime feed. I also make earth worm castings tea for feed. I know I needed to stop folaige feed at buds to prevent bud rot. Peace !..:+1:


Leaves really not made to absorb nutrients. Not a big fan of foliage feeding.