Transplanted clones

I’m a first time DWC grower looking for some advice on my GDP and GG#4. They look as though something isn’t correct. I’ve had these girls since March 4th.Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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Is there an 1"-3" airspace between netpot and water?

You think that I have to much water in my buckets let me check. This leaf really has me concerned

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I remember when I filled the buckets I put 3 gallons of water in each bucket.

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What’s the rating on that air pump ?

I ran into similar problems from water level to high and not enough air to air stones.

I have one inch of air space

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I find 2 inch is best. At least for me that way when I fill up I have room for error lol.

That pump is small. I’m using 1157gph for 2 pails. I started out with a small one like that on first grow.
I dont know what is minimum to use but I would think 500gph or so. Something that makes the water look like a rolling boil is best. It causes a nice splash to make net pot damp and let you have a good air gap at same time.

Also what is your feeding schedule ? Ppm’s and ph as well.

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I just got them 4 days ago. I feed them once since then

Feed every 2 times a week
PPM 275
pH: 6

You want the ph at 5.8 for hydro.
How do they look now ?
Also water temp above 70 causes problems in root zone. So keep an eye out for root rot.

I’m using Hydroguard to prevent root rot
5.8 ph
1272 ppm

1262ppm is way to much. A plant that size I would have around 400ppm

Actually less than 400.

You think it’s to high no the little lady she is at 500 ppm. The other ladies at 1200