Transplanted and now they are yellowing - deficiency of some sort?

Hi. Thank you all for your help in my posts _absolute beginner here!
They have been transplanted into coco coir and up until this morning they were doing great. They are perky enough but I am fairly sure there is some kind of deficiency going on.???
I have not watered or fed. The soil is still fairly wet and the temp in the grow tent is around 15c Should I add heating of some sort?"@hungrybud @MattyBear

This is the smaller of the two and there is more vein yellowing.

This is the bigger of the two but this is also starting to yellow

Are you watering for coco ph? If not, you need to feed being in coco because it’s an inert medium and doesn’t hold on to nutrients like soil. You also need to supplement silica and calmag being in a soilless medium :v::bear:


I have not watered or fed as it was suggested I let them get their feet before doing anything.
The soil they grew in is still there I just placed them in the coco coir soil and that still looks pretty wet so I thought I would leave a bit longer. Unsure what to do now. I have Charlie Carp that I used at a half mix. I have read that you should “flush” then start again. Unsure what that entails.
ph = 6.5 coco and 7 closer to the plant where the soil is.

Charlie Carp: All Purpose Products NPK = 10 : 1 : 6

Coco ph should be down to around 6

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Like Mattybear said, coco doesn’t have any nutrients so you need to be feeding them a little at proper ph.


This is a cross posting; OP has asked and been answered already in another thread.

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15c is a bit cold, especially if they’re young and just transplanted.

Is that the high with the lights on, the low in the dark, or just a guess?


Hi. this is my third post and not sure I have asked about the deficiency?
I asked how they are going, then if they are flowering?
If I have posted incorrectly I am sorry.


I put a thermometer in the grow tent so that is what the plants are getting.
It sits about 20c during the day.
The lights are on from 6am - 12pm so I presume it is cooling down during the night with light off.

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It’s good you are asking questions!