Transplanted and looking great!


You’re going to have your hands full and in a good way. :+1::+1::+1:


I have all of my autos in 7gallon pots they have been there since they sprouted I finally just transferred my photos into 20gal pots. I still have to mulch all my pots but other than that everything is going great so far. I’m hoping my autos are done within 8 weeks. 2 months from now I expect the photos to get really big and they’re going to need more room in the garden.

Every Auto I have grown takes up to 12 weeks. So good luck with that.

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Nice juxtaposition; knotweed and weed.

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Some are in flower already in a perfect world the autos finish up by mid August for me if not they might need to be moved to a near by location to make room for the big girls. I have 16 autos going. 12 different strains so some will finish earlier than others for sure.