Transplant, yes or no?

Is it necessary

to have just one plant per 2 gal “A Pot for Pot”, I have these 4 currently and am afraid I might kill them?

If you have 4 plants in a 2 gal pot they definitely need to be transplanted. Hopefully the roots are not super intertwined, because separating them might be a headache.

So, what is the issue having multiple plants sharing this pot which will be planted in the ground soon?

Well, you didn’t mention the plants were going outside.

Do you plan on separating each plant and planting in the ground or you intend on planting the entire 2 gallon pot in the ground?

The biggest issue is your plants getting root bound from too many plants in a small pot.

Plant the 2 gallon in the ground after hardening.

They will be so intertwined they will be a nightmare. So many leaves in such a small place something will have to give. You’ll spend 7 months on 4 plants and harvest will probably be less then if you had just grown one in the same space. Get them separated as soon as possible. If one or more die you will still be better off.

What you was thinking lmao move carefully to different pot and is better if 3gl pot and up, they are photos or auto?

For next time, to make things easier on you. Start your seeds in solo/party cups. One seed per cup. Cut slits in the bottom of the cups for water to drain.

Once the seedling reaches the sides of the cup it is time for a transplant. Then you transplant to a bigger pot or if they are going outside let them harden and then transplant.

WW Auto.

Oh no! I assumed they were all photoperiods. I am just finishing up my first auto grow and from what I learned they don’t like to be transplanted.
Once the taproot is long enough most people plant autos in their “forever pot”. There are a few people on this forum that transplant autos with success.

I would try to transplant your plants as soon as possible.

All my autos went into 7 gallon fabric pots as soon as my seeds had taproots.

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I don’t recommended transplant auto but you can do slowly and carefully I don’t transplant cuz that is a pro skill on auto you can damage you plant if you are a rookie like my, I plant my auto seed on they final home that is 5 gallon pot, but like I said you need to transplant them cuz they can’t growing in the same pot doing is how you learning

Well we’ll see, I was able to transplant 5 WW Auto’s seedlings that had stretched for light, and all survived 1 week until the genius bought a 600W bulb.

Thank you for all your replies, much appreciated. I will update you, zero hour approaches!

Good luck and happy growing :v: