Transplant survival?

I just transplanted all of my sprouts to 5 gallon buckets with a bunch of hole drilled in the bottom. I took my time and tried my best. 3 went into Fox Farms Happy Frog Potting Soil and the rest went in Fox Farms Ocean Forest Potting Soil.

Not sure what to set my light at. It is at 23" and about 75% power.

How often do people loose plants to transplanting?

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I feel like you rushed the transplant but they will be fine. Maybe some shock. Worst case scenario they might be stunted, unless you broke a tap root in the process.

Potting up should be done a couple times before final pot, but not a big deal.

Your roots should be around this point before transplant. Give or take.

Also by utilizing 2 different mediums you’ve set yourself up for different feed schedules and pH balancing variants.

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I know it’s a possibility. I don’t have that problem. I grow seedlings in coco coir peat pellets and clones in rockwool (or straight water). Once rooted I put them into quart bags. Later, those bags go into a 3-7 gallon bag and then, if I move them outside those bags go into 10-20 gallon bags. No shock to the plant and less stress on the grower.

Fabric pots are the way to go as far as I’m concerned.