Transplant soon?

Jus wondering if I should be thinking about transplanting these 2 soon. Or maybe jus put them under the big light soon. 14 days above ground. Lookin a little smaller than some others I’ve seen at this age

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It would be OK to uppot the two bigger ones. I would hold off on the other two.

Media looks very wet. Damping off could be slowing plants.

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I just watered the plants before the picture. Is damping off when u water to run off?

damping is when soil is too wet and roots drown.
seedlings ready to transplant. suggest next time use clear cups with drainage holes, root progress can be seen. also same cups can be used a humidity dome.
it seedlings get too tall, cut straw or use pipe cleaners to support.

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@Myfriendis410 @tanlover442 @beardless

Thanks guys. Will be transplanting tonight :pray:t4: