Transplant seedlings into autopots

Just started to set up autopots system and wondering how people germinate their seeds for the pots. Is using potting soil to germinate bad for pots, does dirt contaminate the coco/ perlite mixture? What do people suggest?

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Paper towel?

I germ the seed and drop it in coco that I amended with jacks 321 with autos and sometimes will use a solo cup. Growers choice and would only recommend not going straight to a large pot 5 gallon or larger… the watering routine is a little more difficult. I’ll turn the auto pots on around week 3, top feed the weeks before that and would recommend using the same medium you germinated the seed in. Soil doesn’t work well with auto pots, stays too wet and drowns the plant :love_you_gesture:


I start the seeds in Happy Frog soil, then transplant to coco/perlite. The 1/4 gallon of soil in small pot has minimal contamination when the plant get planted in its final 3.9, 5 or 6 gallon AutoPot pot filled with coco and perlite

I start my seedlings in small 4x4x4 plastic pot with a small ACInfinity nursery bag inserted. When it’s time to transplant I just pull the bag and insert the bag into a bigger pot. Absolutely no transplant shock. I transplanted from a 1/4 gallon bag to 1 gallon bag just last night. You can see the smaller nursery bag if you look closely.

The 1 gallon nursery bag fits perfectly into a 6x6x6 1/2 inch pot. I’ll transplant the seedling in the following picture one more time.

Transplanted from 1/4 gallon pot of Happy Frog to 6 gallon AutoPot filled with coco 8 days ago, as you can see, it’s doing very well. I’ll be hooking it up to reservoir this weekend.