Transplant question regarding seedling and cooking soil

Hey everyone I had a failed germ attempt and did a second one with a humidity trey - worked! So because I was flustered with the stalling on my last germ attempt I forgot about the cooking time the grow medium will take.

For more context, she’s an Autoflower Northern Lights
I have apotforpot 5-gallon kit - I am going to mix the entire thing today at lunch. I was going to transplant her into the mix today, but as I’m reading I need to let the soil cook right?

Paper towel germ 8/1
She popped overnight - I put it in a rapid rooter on 8/3
8/4 she sprouted
Been in the rapid rooter since under my grow light in my 2x2x4 tent
It’s about 2.5 inches tall just sprouting its second set of serrated leaves. I look in the cracks of the trey and see the roots here and there. I’ll post a picture soon.
How long can she stay in the rapid rooter before a transplant is necessary? How long should the soil cook before I can use it? If I have to transplant her before the soil is ready what can I safely transplant her into?

@maddladdchadd i have no experience with a rapid rooter but as far as soil goes normally I cook my soil for about 60 days before use also I’m adding granular myco, bone meal, blood meal, earthworm castings, perlite, dry amendments and finally watering the mix with a water-soluble myco. Also just some food for thought when growing autos they definitely perform better when planted directly into their final container after germination.

@maddladdchadd also I cook my soil in 50 gallon totes with lids on. For example in the photo that is a Gorilla Glue Auto from germination into 20 gallon smart pot.

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@Hellraiser any info on a rapid rooter ? @MrPeat @dbrn32 @Covertgrower

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60 days! Is that based on your mixture? I don’t imagine the apotforpot kit would require that much time though I honestly wouldn’t know. It’s apparent it’s going to take some amount of time - what are my options while it cooks? Does anyone know the requisite cook time for apotforpot soil?

@maddladdchadd you shouldn’t have to cook that soil at all just mix the ingredients provided other that diatomaceous earth which you would use as a top dressing if bugs are present

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OH really? So I can mix it and transplant it today?

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@maddladdchadd yes you could transplant today, technically you don’t have to cook soil at all but in doing so you are allowing the microbes in the soil to multiply so it is living which in turn helps feed the plant. I may not be 100% correct but it works for me haha


Alright I’m excited! I appreciate the help man. I’ll keep this thread updated.

By chance could you take a peek at my other thread regarding my first seedling attempt?

With Rapid Rooters, I would plant them as soon as you see roots poking out of it.


I only grow in soil aka the seed with tap root straight into soil.

Ya, nothing good will happen with roots balling up in tray. Transplant as soon as reasonable.

Ok I transplanted her Monday 8/9 - I watered it just a tiny little bit the day of and after for the roots to grab hold. it’s been growing since and now I just need some help guys.

  1. The 5-gallon pot was around 19lbs after the medium was fully mixed and soiled, then I transplanted the seedling some hours later. I heard you should be watering it at half the soiled weight? That means 9lbs or so?
    It’s been a couple of days and this morning it weighed in at 13.5lbs still. I can bury my finger up to the first knuckle of soil, about 1/2 inch till it’s not dry. I know it’s gotta be close to watering right? How much water should I use? I’m not familiar with the run-off style but from what I gather I water in a circle around it till some pours out the bottom? Do I soil the entire pot or just that ring around it for now?

  2. It does have some spots and a bit of curling on the leaves, can someone tell me what this is? Is it normal or do I have to adjust something?

Here are some pics of it from today:

@ADK_Guerrila :grimacing: :upside_down_face:

@maddladdchadd looks like she is growing well with the plant being so young I wouldn’t water more than a cup and a half, when watering leave about 2-3 inches of dry soil around the base of the plant don’t water directly at the base of her and water in a circular motion. In turn the roots will search for water and create a larger root mass for water/nutrient uptake. You don’t want to water too much at this age because the medium will just suck it all up and will take quite a while to dry.

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@dbrn32 @Covertgrower any info please

I agree with your post,
Looks like it need water.

What did you put in the pots? It looks like coco with perlite, that would need to be watered a little differently than a typical “soil”.