Transplant Outdoor

So I have 12 ww plants that r 2 weeks old I want to know how many transplants they should have before there final home out door in five or teen gallon pots

Can they go strait to the five or ten gallon pot

What gallon pots are they in now? I wold have them in a 2 gal pot for atleast a month before transplanting

I have them in solo cups there 2 weeks old

I would get them in final pot as soon as I could to avoid to many disturbances…

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So,solo cup to a five gallon or ten gallon would be ok

You will encourage much better root growth if you transplant into a 1-2 gal pot, let the roots grow till they have outgrown the smal pot and then transplant to the 5-20 gal pots. If you transplant straight into large pots root growth can be stunted as they have too much space to fill and tend to only grow downwards instead of branching out and filling up the whole pot. You will do no harm to the plants of you transplant through veg, especially if it’s in the first few months. Just make the transplant quick and don’t tear roots, they’ll be fine.

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Thank u for your input I greatly appreciate it

Deebay … I start my plants outdoors in 8 gallon pots. In the center of the pot I put potting soil for seedlings and put my seed in that. The bigger the pot the bigger the plant. My plants last year were well over 6 ft tall. Since I germinate outside and in the original pot, I need to wait until it warms up to start my grow.
Best of luck to you!

My Big Bang has been growing 6 weeks now and is in a great place. Should I transplant into a bigger pot? She is about 30" high. Using very light application of 20-20-20 and I do mean light application only after it’s been watered. Great drainage. Using good potting mix. I see no sign of roots coming from bottom of pot.

Sorry here is picture of her as of today

@MrBillE-B66 This plant definitely needs transplanting into something bigger.

How much bigger? A little bigger at a time or all at once? We still have 10 or so weeks to go and I have a small greenhouse so to finish should need be.

I would probably transplant it into its final home from there but as long as you give her more soil.