Transplant or leave alone - 35 days since germination

I have a ZKittles Autoflower and a Gorilla Glue Autoflower that germinated 35 days ago. The ZKittles is roughly twice the size of the GG.

I planted them in 2 gallon pots - and those are gardeners gallons so really like 1.5 Gallons. They have not started flowering yet.

I have true 5 US gallon pot/bags that I will be using going forward, but I’m wondering if it would be worth potential transplant shock to move them now. The soil will slide right out of the 2 gallon pot, but I don’t understand transplant shock at all.

I’m assuming flowering could start any day now.


Autos usually start flowering 4 to 7 weeks, 1.5 gal. that’s pretty small you mentioned it would slide right out. Personally I would transplant to the five-gallon fabric pot. Good luck


I did it. There were already roots all the way up the sides and bottom, they weren’t tangled yet, so I think the timing was good, and I appreciate the nudge in the right direction.

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@Nothingshocking That’s great your plant will do much better in the five gallon. Bigger pot more yield.


My Gorrila Glue Auto is right at the same age as yours. In 5 gallon pots and supercropped. Just now starting pre flower so you should be close.

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Mine looks terrible compared to yours. This is my first grow after a 20 year hiatus, and I’ve stumbled a few times already. But I really don’t know why the GG is a runt.

What kind of light are you using?

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I’m just getting lucky! This is my first time growing anything ever. Haha, You can see my yellow, burnt seedling in one of the pictures to show my real growing skills. I’m using a Mars Hydro TSW 2000 in a 3x3 tent. Been on 18/6 light schedule the entire time using the Pot for Pot 5 gallon kit.

Your light and set-up are much better than what I started with. Fortunately, I am able to return most of the Burple lights I bought except one, and I’m ordered some lights that should rival yours should be here by Sat, so maybe my next batch will look like that.


I started with a purple one and after reading around in here figured out that I needed and upgrade fast. Not the best but also not the worst.

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So I put my plants in 5 gallon grow bag like I see on this site. Not sure if I should mention the brand, but I was tending to my plants this morning and saw that the roots are coming through the bag already.

I don’t see this in anyone else’s pics, so I either have an incredibly strong Zkittlez or crappy bags.

Is this normal? I think I’m in week 2 of flower, I’ll get a pic, but I’ve got at least a month to go.

Is it ok to let the roots be exposed to air outside the bag, can I just leave it alone, or do I have take action?

Ok, here is what the roots look like. Just barely coming out, but I just moved them from a 2 gallon to a 5 Gallon 11 days ago.

This is what the plant looks like - it’s 30 inches tall - I put it under better lights and a bigger pot at the same time, it was about 30 days old then, and it blew up, but so did the roots apparently.

These are the buds, when I transplanted the white hairs were just starting to show up. They are everywhere now. But I’ve got another 30 days at least, which is my problem. I really don’t want to put the plant through another transplant while it’s budding.

This is the gorilla glue auto that was planted at the same time. It’s a dwarf in comparison coming in at 15 inches at 42 days, but it has filled out nicely since the transplant too.

So, those roots are going to tear through that bag, and I’m not sure what to do. Can I leave them to drape down the sides of the bag? The best alternative I’ve come up with other than transplant is to put them in a 15-20 gallon rubbermaid and fill it to the root level. I guess I would proactively put the gorilla glue in there too, and let them share a 30 gallon for the next month.


this is what they looked just after transplant 10 days ago.

They exploded after the transplant! Not sure on the root situation. Can you get another pot to slide over that one to cover the ends of the roots?

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That’s kind of what I’m thinking with the rubbermaids. I do have 7 gallon versions of these bags, but that’s only going to get me another inch in radius. I would need something bigger, but then they will probably just grow through that bag too. With the rubbermaid, at least the roots will be contained. I was going to use the 7 gallons for some photo period seeds, but now I’m rethinking that, either return them or save them for auto’s.

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