Transplant or add soil

Still having a problem with the stretching … Once the seeds broke ground I had my cfl ( 60 W , 5000k ) about 6 inches above ground … Over night they rocketed to almost 4 inches … ( Im using a better soil this time ) I moved the lights to about 2’’ above them where they seem happy … Instead of worrying about transplanting them , I used a gallon jug for them with a few stones in the bottom and holes drilled … Some are saying to re-pot them and put them deeper, the stem will add new roots … Others just say bury them to about 1 ‘’ from the top … ??? They seem really happy where they are and look fine … Yes I keep a fan on them and added a stick to give support … So add soil or transplant and bury. ???

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I would add some soil for support first, let it grow some more before transplanting imho @bluethumb


I agree just top off soil you will want more roots when you transplant they make it so much easier and less of a mess. I recommend either seting the clear jug into a bucket ot put tape on it to keep light from roots they don’t like light

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Am a bit confused about the clear jug into a bucket or put tape on it ??? If I transplant it , The roots will not get any light except for the minute it takes to put into another container … I mean , having them in a gallon jug should keep them happy for a bit right ?? They are a week old . ( The put tape on it part is really !@#$ing me up ) Tape the roots , the bucket , the gallon jug ??? lmao

What @Sirsmokes is saying is you can put tape on the outside of your clear container to block light from the root zone. Your plant’s roots don’t like the light.


Ahhhhhhh … That would make sense … :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Preciate

Also, you need better soil. That stuff you have now looks like it has a bunch of wood chips in it. Mj doesn’t like bark very much

And move your light closer. Get an aluminum pan and make a reflector out of it

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I second that, keep the light as close as acceptably possible and add a reflector.

Transplanting now can kill the sprout from accidental damage.

Your classic stake and tie is just fine, they’ll stiffen and fatten as time goes on.


You can also squeeze the strm, kinda crush the inside some and when it heals it’ll be stronger

I will make some boxes to go around them with foil to help direct the light. Right now the bulbs are 60w 5000k and you think they need to be closer ??? OK … These are the ILGM Northern Lights . Fem…This is the second time I changed soil , Some were saying that I need the Miracle Gro because the roots need a little bark to get air … lol , Just cant win …

You wanna use perlite for aeration. You can get it at a garden shop or home depot for about $10