Transplant my Gorilla Glue plants


I finally got them into a pot instead of them cups tthese are 2 week old clones my buddy gave me I had to bring them in the house last nite because they got to much rain on them idk if that’s a good thing to do but didn’t know what else to do so I brought them inside to dry out a lil but there gonna be outside plants there both gorilla glue clones @ExpertNoob give me your thoughts I don’t have all the fancy stuff like I should to be able to grow inside


I honestly have no experience growing outdoors so I’ll be following along, how long do you plan on keeping them inside? Do you have lights to run while they are indoors? Will you be keeping them in these pots outside or will you transplant them into the ground?


I’m not sure if I’m going to keep them in the pot or put them in the ground I was told by my buddies here to plant them in the ground and they will be fine I’m thinking about keeping one inside and one outside but I have one cfl 800 lumens on them now idk if that is enough to grow one inside or not so let me know what u think @ExpertNoob


I’m gonna go ahead and tag @dbrn32 into this cause he’s my go to lighting guy. He’ll get you right when he gets the chance to reply


You’ll definitely struggle with a single cfl indoors. If that’s all you have, I would seriously consider running both plants outside or investing in some better lighting.


Totally agree. Also. I have noticed that even with sufficient CFL lighting, the buds do not get big and firm up like the LED. I do not know about any of the other lights as LED is all I use other than occasional CFL.


@dbrn32 @TxGrowman Thanks guys the only light I have is my shop light which I bought grow lights for it didn’t noticed I bought those till I got home there 4ft fluriesont lights would that be ok or do you think I should just take them outside. Bc I think they would prolly do better that’s where I originally had them but I was at work and we had a storm and got too much water so I just brought them inside to kinda dry out then I was planning on taking them back outside I just kinda wanted to try to grow one inside first time ever trying to grow I haven’t used any kind of fertilizer on them since u got them thinking about doing that this weekend there both clones and there 3 weeks old but I have only had them 2 weeks so not sure when I should fertilize them


@ExpertNoob hey what’s up I think I’m gonna put them back outside I’m was wondering if I should go ahead an plant them in ground or leave them in pots im thinking in the ground but just wanted to get a second opinion this is the best site I’ve ever used someone always helps you and never left stranded that’s awesome


Even with the most efficient leds currently available, you’d want about 60-70 watts from wall to run a justifiable indoor grow with. And fluorescent is far from anything like it. You simply won’t get a big enough harvest to bother with it. I would suggest just running them outside until you can get setup properly for an indoor grow.

I’m not an outdoor grower, so I have limited info to give you there. But you’ll have more control if you keep them in pots. I believe 7 or 10 gallon is choice of most serious outdoor growers, but you could still do well in a 5 gallon. Feeding them will depend heavily on what your growing medium is. If it’s a heavier amended soil, you could probably get to just about flowering without feeding any. Then following whatever nutrient schedule is provided would probably be best.

@MattyBear @Countryboyjvd1971 @FloridaSon as well as many others are all very good outdoor growers, perhaps they can give you a little more solid advice.


I’d agree with pots being easy because you can move the plants around to maximize sunlight if you don’t have an area that gets at least 6 hours of direct sun. If you have an area of your yard that gets good sun, then you could go straight into the ground, but I’d dig a big hole and amend with cannabis friendly soil. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to holler :v:


@MattyBear i took them back outside like you said I get at least 12 hrs of sun on them a day where I live and I’m from Meigs County Ohio were known for Meigs County Gold not sure which year it was but Meigs was in High Times Magazine but I’ll definitely keep in touch with @MattyBear and others for guidance thanks guys


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Photosynthetic photon flux is total amount of light emitted from a source within the par region. It generally needs to be measured from an integrated sphere, and is shown in umols per second.


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My son spent some time in Ohio with family around the Lancaster area. Worked for Rennick(sp?) Farms. From what he told me, that soil is to die for! Lol

If you have full Sun all day, I would go right in the ground unless you can think of any possible reason that you would have to move them later.

You don’t have much veg time left outdoors, so the sooner the better. At this point, I don’t see why you would need more than a 10gal pot. Your roots, unless you know something I don’t, will not have much time to fill that space before causing problems with getting root bound. I suppose later in flower could get tight, but 10gal should be enough and will save on soil if you decide to purchase it.

Next year, get the biggest pot you can use to put her in or, as I prefer, put them in that rich soil y’all have for land.

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@Sasquatch @Covertgrower @Budbrother @S.FloridaSwampman @Sittingbull64 also grow in the ground and can be a big help as well.


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Your plants will get a little taller, but as the days and nights start to get shorter (it was summer solcstice yesterday) they will start to flower as summer starts winding down. You have a couple more months to go I think.
Otherwise indoor growing is where you’ll be. @jaon7615