Transplant Info Please

Hi all!! Thanks in advance for any advice, answers and responses…
I have a Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Auto-fem from ILGM and tomorrow she will be 14 days from sprout. After a 72hr soak in plain water and growing a tail roughly 1/3", I dropped her about 1/2" in some FFOF, in a 1/2gal plastic planter for germ. She is doing great, roughly 7" tall.

I am transplanting her into her forever home tomorrow. A 5gal fabric pot, with fresh FFOF (yes, better lighting will be incorporated, as well, and the best setup I am able to supply for her. Another thread, though, please). I have the FFtrio, too, for her nutes, but have not given her any yet as it isn’t advised with the FFOF soil.


When I remove her from her current pot, should I rinse excessive old dirt off of her roots?
Or should I just loosen the soil a little and place her in the dirt as it will have roughly 3 weeks of its own nutes still in it?

If rinsing is necessary, what are some recommendations in order to safely do so?
Also if recommended, should I use any nutes or some kind of treatment in the water while doing so, or should I use plain water?

If transplanting her into fresh Fox Farm OF, should I begin adding nutes?
Or should I give her a couple of days or so to give her time to adapt to her new home, then begin nutes?
Since the soil will be fresh, should I wait until she starts flowering for nutes?

If no nutes are recommended after she is resting in her new home, do I saturate the soil with plain water initially? Or give her a specific amount of water?

And probably my most novice question…
How far up her stalk should I cover with dirt? I do plan on incorporating LST as soon as I’m sure she has made a healthy transition, probably in the next 5 days.

This is her yesterday evening. This is just a general reference pic so my apologies for the photo quality. I will have a better one after her setup and transition is complete. Really just need answers to a couple of questions. Thanks everyone!

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Definitely do not wash the dirt off! By now she should have a nice root mass started. Carefully remove with dirt and place in larger pot. Ocean forest won’t need nutes for around 5-6 weeks.


I’d just say first off it’s gonna be a little whole before you’re ready to transplant.

Keep the soil, don’t wash anything.

Don’t add any additional nutes to the soil, it’s
Got enough for several weeks.

Yes water the hell out of it after you transplant.


Thanks so much! I only ask about washing because my neighbor has some outdoors that he let me watch him transplant a few weeks ago right before they began flowering. He rinsed all the dirt with ph’ed water. They were much more mature at the ti.e than mine will, though and not autos. He also kind of treats them like they’re invincible.

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What would be a good time to transplant? If waiting is a good idea, it does give me a little better opportunity to kind of tighten up her setup.

Photos are more forgiving, but I’ve never done it. Autos don’t really like to be transplanted. But I am guilty of of both methods, final pot to start and trans p.

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Ya, I didn’t catch the final pot beginning until I had planted her and she had begun sprout. I also have two outdoor of the same strain, but since they were strictly outdoor, they started in 5 gallon pots. I’m hoping that even with the possibility of stunting from a transplant, she will still have a bigger harvest than spending her whole life in a 1/2 gal.

With it being an auto, I would get it done and get the stress period over while it’s still really small.


Use the cup to make a hole lightly fill in the dirt around it then remove cup. Should look something like this.

Pics are backwards sorry.
Plain water no. Ph’d water yes. 6.8ph what kinda water you using?


I was kind of thinking that too. I have more seeds and it didn’t take her long to get where she is, so worst case scenario, I start all over and end up about 3 weeks behind. Don’t get me wrong, I would hate to have to do that, but being a beginner, I know I’m going to hit some big speedbumps.

Even with the backwards shot, it’s still a great lesson. Much appreciation!


A lot of Auto growers start in a solo cup and have great results


She is basically in a really big solo cup lol.


No need to scotch what you have going, more like Notes for next time.

I missed that this was an auto, I agree with @TEGRITY , get the transplant over with and give her some kelp and molasses afterwards as a treat.


This is very true. I started the grow I’m on now in Dixie cups. It’s suggested to start in forever pot with auto’s because if the plant gets shocked from transplant, which is very possible, if not probable. Even a day or two is a lot of time in the short life of an auto. When you only have 3 or 4 weeks to veg the last thing you want is couple days to a week no growth.


I think you’ll be fine. Autos are kinda sissies, but they hang in. @docnraq has good shot on what ya need to do! Gonna be a little tough with that size pot. But you can handle it.


Ya I think if she is stunted at all from it, she still has a better chance of a bigger yield than the little pot she’s in now.

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I don’t believe it will stunt, just cause her to sleep for a couple of days.


She will be shocked a bit but not to bad. I always try to get the seed/plant into it’s forever home as soon as I can. No point for me to ungrade four times when I could do it in two trabsplants.
Happy growing…


This is going to be her only move. I made a rookie mistake out of excitement and didn’t catch a looooot of the fine print. Next run I’m definitely sticking to a single 5 gallon start to finish.