Transplant how to theproper way

Thanks to the professional help I get here we discovered that
I had the wrong grow media and wasn’t watering enough
and some other problems
I need to know how to transplant my plants 16 inches tall
into pro-mix hp

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What kind of pot are you in and what kind are you going to?

5gallon bucket back in the same 5 gallon bucket

So you are just trying to change just the soil out? I use Mykos and Azos for transplanting it’s suppose to help reduce shock and it also helps promote root growth along with breaking down the nutrients for the plant to feed better.

May I ask what soil your in and what you are changing to?


I’m using pro-mix hp for soil

Is that what’s in there now or that’s what your going to?

they are in compstand manure going to pro-mix hp

Ok I gotcha. Is the compost just to hot or what is the issue?

compost and manure going to pro-mix hp

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not growng tall enough 47 days daysold 16 inches tall

Have any pics?

I know 2 plants have cal mag defiency it will be here thursday

Have any Perlite in there? They look pretty good though. Outside or inside?

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inside 1000 w mh light they are not growong this guyshowedme pic of his same age and they were 4 foot tall

Some plants just grow faster that others. I have noticed that plant in a looser soil like coco coir grows faster

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I am a perlite whore! I likes my soil loose and airy!


I second that! Perlite for the win! And those ladies look happy and healthy. Dont beat urself up. Are u ph’n properly?