Transplant form 24/0 lighting indoor to outdoor?

Is it bad for a plants to transplant form indoor tent (lighting 24/0) to outside mid-may time? 2 weeks old, 10 plants… some 3 nodes some 5.??

thank you guys!

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Yes, you have to harden them off. The sun will be too intense for them. Move them out gradually. Only 1-2 hrs of direct sunlight for the first week. Then increase time outside till they can handle it. Find a shaded area, that’s what I do.


not sure possible…apartment complex so cant harden off…maybe put in shaded area under tree in forest where as sun rises and sets it spends most the time under shade…then put permanently in ground a week or 2 after sound liek it would work?..and would the light schedule change stress them to bad?

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If that’s your only option, that’s what I’d do. You can also get shade cloth to do the job if you have to. If they are still in veg, the schedule change won’t make much difference as long as they are getting more than 12 hours light.

thanks for the input man +1

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Anytime friend! If you start a grow journal, tag me in. Always up for some sexy weed porn! :+1:

I’ve always just let them get 5 or 6 sets of leaves then put them outside. Never had a problem with hardening off. Actually, never heard of it until this forum