Transplant and supercrop

I’m transplanting up from a 2.5 gallon to 10 gallon pot and planning on super cropping afterwards. The soil medium is coco-perlite, if that matters.

How long should I give the plant to recover from transplant before super cropping?


She’ll probably have some droop for a few days after transplant. Once she starts perking up you should be able to start supercropping without any problems.


Nice. I hydrated the coco bricks tonight & mixed in perlite. I’m going to let it sit overnight and flush in the morning.

I’m hoping my schedule lets me transplant tomorrow night or the day after. Then I’m hoping to super crop in 3ish days (this weekend).

Do you think that would be too fast?

I would give it at least two weeks before any super cropping or any high stress training

I think I can also make that work. I just hope I don’t get too much more height between now & then.

Super Cropping for height restrictions or keeping an even canopy?


I still dealing with the increasingly bad decision of 3 autos (white widow CBD, Kush CBD, Critical Mass CBD) and 1 photo (Gold Leaf) in too small of an area. I’ve been letting letting the photo vege while the three autos bloom.

The autos still have 2 - 3 weeks until harvest.

Letting the GF stay in vege was working until last week when it decided to start putting on height like crazy and I’ve run out of space on the 2.5 gallon pot for LST ties.

So I’m thinking:

  • after 12 weeks of vege, it’s going to need a bigger pot.
  • If I want to flip it into veg in the next 4ish weeks, now is a good time to transplant it so it’s fully recovered.
  • I’m hoping transplant will convince it to put more effort into growing roots again & slow the vertical growth a little.
  • I need to super crop it or aggressively top it before putting it into bloom. Otherwise, it will outgrow my tent.
  • After I harvest the autos, I can have put up a scrog net to help separate the colas.

I’ve circled the GL.


After 3 hours or wrestling with the GL and rearranging the irrigation system to set it on its own timer, the transplant is complete.

I reattached the LST to the new pot and opened her up a little. Nothing damaging, just enough to define the new directions I want her to grow in.

I also moved the GL to the back because a freshly watered 10 gallon planter is not something I want to shuffle around very often.

She wasn’t root-bound yet, but she was starting to get that way.I couldn’t take a picture of it because I was having a rough enough time just getting it from one pot to the next.

I should have taken a picture before I put everything back in the tent, but this is what it looks like now.

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I screwed up the irrigation programming and ran 4 gallons of ferrigant through it this morning. Thankfully, it just flushed through the coco-perlite and secondary containment caught everything.

Transplant & reconnecting the LST does not appear to have slowed her down. I’ll snap a pic while doing tonight’s maintenance.

I guess she’s droopy blow & perky on top. She seems to be holding up well

I’m wondering if it’s showing a little post-transplant nitrogen deficiency

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The struggles are real with mixed runs. I too have done the shuffle. Veg’d a White Widow for 12 weeks through 2 auto runs. She finished alone but at the same time as the 2nd harvest of autos. Super cropped and cloned. The 6 clones are in week 5 of flower. Keeping that canopy even is the biggest challenge with photos and autos together :love_you_gesture:

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Well, it’s not nitrogen deficiency. It’s more of the same deficiency I’ve been dealing with on the other plants. I guess I’ll be running cal-mag through it this afternoon.