Transplant again?

OK so this past Tuesday (11/2) I transplanted from an 8 oz cup to a 16 oz cup. Just a little while ago I went to look at my plants and I noticed a pocket of air on the side of the clear cup… I tried pushing the dirt down to fill in the space but it wouldn’t move, and I didn’t push harder to avoid harming the root system. Will she be OK or does this warrant a transplant? Uploading…

here’s the pic… It wouldn’t upload on the first post

Do you have a 24 ounce cup handy?

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I don’t have one, but I can buy a fountain drink at the gas station and get one… I also have a Halloween candy bucket… Its about a one gallon size or so… Would that work?

Maybe try a Big Gulp cup


…don’t use Clear cups, stop fooling with Halloween candy buckets and what-have-you (plus where are you going to keep the candy you got for trick or treat), stop transplanting it ! …get a 3-gallon pot fill it with a quality soil & put your plant under your light


yeah…get it out of the clear container… light on your roots is going to kill your plants.

Transplant into a gallon or larger size container.


Lmao panaramoman… That was funny

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These guys may be funny but there trying to help you to save your plant…if I were you I would take @Paranorman advice



Thanks Garrigan I did… I put her in a gallon size container this morning, and finally got to use my FF soil, Hopefully everything will turn out well

My next transplant will be in a 3 gal pot… I read somewhere that it is a good idea to upsize the pots gradually, something to do with root development

Don’t believe everything you read ! …the more you transplant something the more you slow it down and the more problems you may develop

ideally you start in a small pot and you make one transplant to it’s final home

Yes this was a fun thread, I have another thread going when I make a transplant I’ll send you a link :thumbsup: