Transitioning to Flower advice

@ lakewood I’m transitioning to flower this weekend. I put up a post earlier about transitioning but I’m doing it this weekend. Questions, how do I trans my nutrient, using flora grow 3 part system with calimagic. Right now I’m feeding aggressive veg, that’s 3 part micro, 2 part grow, 1 part bloom, and 1 calimagic. How long do i keep feeding aggressive veg? Do i switch over gradually to flower feeding? How long do feed in veg stage.?Do i flush before trans? Ive been keeping my ph level around 6.3 to 6.5 range, is that good enough?Humidity 35 to 42% temp 77 to 81degrees. Thosewood feeding is measured by teaspoon…, What you think?

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You have to take 1 part from micro and veg and add it to bloom , so 2 part micro , 1 part veg , and 3 parts bloom I think , but if this make sense you must cut back at least a half teaspoon from the vegging nutrients and add that to your bloom nutrients for about three weeks until your bloom numbers is equal to what your veg number were in vegging but gradually change in 3 weeks from one to the other and you won’t stress your plants , hope this make sense but I’ll invite Latewood are other mentors that more than qualified to help .

Follow the label, start giving it 2-2-2 of the Flora 3 part

Feed like that for 2 or 3 weeks and then switch to 3-2-1, flower/micro/grow respectively

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@yoshi When you say 1 part veg do you mean 1 part grow. My understanding 2 micro 1part grow 2 part bloom rigth

Take away 1 part micro and add that to bloom and leave the one part veg , so 1 part micro , 1 part grow , and 2 parts bloom , make sense ?

@yoshi Yeah, it makes plenty sense

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What @yoshi told you is the best way to change over from vegg to flower.
It’s so much better for the plant.
I have stated this for as long as I’ve been here.