Transitioning part 2, what do you think

White Widow 7days in transitioning,just fed it transition nutrients, runoff PH 6.1. This is what she look like.


I like the LST you’ve done. Is that a Smartpot in a 5gal bucket?

@Aquaponic_Dumme No, it’s a 3 gallon, but i know what you’re asking. I’m using it for tie down, I drilled holes in the bottom so when I feed it’s easier to move around . That smart pot is hard to move around when wet. I set the whole thing in a basin when i feed , the water run thru smart pot thru bucket into basin for my runoff. Question, what’s estimated time for trans stage and when do I start my bloom nutrients?

Plants normally transition over about 1.5-2 weeks, from Veg to Flower.

What nutrients are you using?
Did the nutrients come with a feeding schedule?

I’m using GH flora Grow 3 part with calimagic. I feed every 3 days(transition stage, 2 micro, 2grow, 2bloom 1calimagic).

@Aquaponic_Dumme The grow in dark green on left is that the trans stage? I’ve switched to 12/12 light schedule already.I’m not using any supplements , maybe for the next grow. Should I stop using calimagic, and I’m thinking about adding some more light.

This schedule is based on 3 weeks of Veg from a clone, so you might have to adjust a bit if youre using seed. Clones would offset the schedule by about 2 weeks longer.

Going by this schedule, week 3-4 is the transition between Veg & Flower. Supplement nutrients are not required.

So is it okay to just stay with the schedule on the bottle, what another week and half with the trans. formular. Itry to keep it simple.