Transitioning from t5's to a hg 320 QB

i’m currently switching from t5’s to a hlg 320 QB 288 r spec. i’m currently starting flower. my question is with my new lights should I run on low and work my way up or can I go full power?

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I’m using 3- 320xl rspec at about 18-20 inches and just turned them up to 130 watts and the plants like them. I’m probably switching to flower this weekend so may turn them up in a week or so. Mine are on a light mover so that may make a difference in height.
But from what I understand you want to gradually turn it up. Start low and work closer and stronger.
My first grow so this is what is working for me today


how do you know what watts your at? i’m currently about at half way from my low to high setting. the lights will shutoff in about 30 minutes and will come on in about 6 hours. then i’ll be gone to work, just don’t want to fry them. unfortunately none of this is for me, my job won’t allow it. however my family enjoy’s and i’m a gardener at heart!

I have a Digital power meter $13 on Amazon plug light into meter and get watts reading. Only way I could figure out to set them close to the same power

I would turn it down all the way till plants have time to get used to it.