Transitioned to outdoor, started flowering early now vegging again

Took these out of indoor grow tent late April, and i didnt think about light schedule difference. They started flowering a few weeks ago but now they stopped and appear to be growing a bazillion smaller leaves everywhere.

Sunset Sherbett and Zkittlez, photoperiod plants.

Should I just roll with it and see what happens or should I scrap them and start anew for this year outdoor grow in Virginia?

Re-veg is pretty freaky looking!

Just to clarify, I was not expecting to harvest until October or so. With the flowering stretch done, there’s no way any of these will fit back into the indoor grow tent. I’m also unsure how to prune these now, should I just top and aggressively prune?

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It will grow pretty funky looking but should come back around in plenty of time for a decent harvest.
You’ll have to trim out the thicker reveg growth later on.
It gets thick and will be a risky section for mold to form when it’s later in flower.
May take a bit of creative training to manage too.:wink:

Looks like a nice healthy start. :+1:


Agree with @Oldguy, once they get going, you may want to put in larger pots as well. Could turn out amazing. Good luck


25 gal’s is a nice size.
Can get some pretty big plants. :v:

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Next year set you lights a bout 15 min shorter than the daylight in your area for a specific day I had that problem before. With some gold leaf by the time it caught up it was time to flower and it did it gave us some trash . If I focused on the other plants and gave them the resources the gold leaf took I’d of been way ahead in weight of flower . Sharing what happens with one of my grows

Thanks for the insights! I’ll transplant into larger pots and thin out some of the extraneous growth.

Remove any thicker flowers that you see, they often rot since they won’t be ripening till next time she flowers.