Transitioned to Flower last night! First grow wish me luck

So i just switched to 12/12! Just got a new, way more powerful light for flower. Setup a scrog net also (for the first time ever so go easy if it looks like trash lol). Everythings looking really good only thing i have now is the new light puts out alot more heat than my smaller less powerful one ive been using and when i checked today the temp was 90. I opened the two vents and turned my inline fan all the way up so hopefully that helps. If it doesnt, any suggestions for keeping the temp down or is 90 even ok? Any tips or opinions are welcome im so new to this and would love some feedback! Thanks guys


I had to run the flowering lights at night, to avoid too much heat, and it helped lots
Im in Colombia, and heat is always an issue here.
Had them from 10 pm to 10am,so i have times to work on them in the early morning and early night.


I run my light at night like @DMD stated. What brand size is your new light and old light?


Looks good, hope they flower well!

Move your little clamp on fan to just above the canopy, pointing up at your lights. It’ll help move cool air in and warm air upward, and help cool your lights. Other than that, your scrog looks fine! It’s more about how it works than how it looks, anyway, and it seems to be doing the trick. :+1: